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The core business sectors is provision of Inspection Services and Advanced Non-Destructive Testing through its ANDT Laboratory & Innovative Technology Department using the latest high technology equipment, applied but not limited to below business sectors: 

  • Oil & Gas industry including Pipelines, Refineries, Gas Supply Companies, Gas Stations, rotating and reciprocating machinery, Tank Farms, etc.
  • Power Generation industry, including coolant systems, steam turbines, gas turbines, etc.
  • Construction Industry, Civil engineering structures, including buildings, Touristic infrastructure, Cranes and Lifting Equipment, etc.
  • Marine Constructions and Offshore Facilities, including Port facilities, Platforms, Shipyards, maritime vessels, etc.
  • Renewable energy industry, including wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, photo-voltaic panels, concentrated solar receivers, etc.
  • Transport, including rail infrastructure, rolling stock, aircraft, trucks, etc.

Food Industry, Processes and Chemical Plants.

With more than 250 qualified professional Engineers company’s strategic goal and central focus is to establish solid partnerships and entrusted corporate relationships, the framework of which will be a continuous added value interaction resulting to benefits in the customer’s outcome.

Our expertise
Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Services - Corrosion Mapping:
Focusing in Corrosion Mapping, providing high quality technical solutions using owned latest technology equipment. Advanced NDT Testing is applying in ALL above business sectors. Pipelines, Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Wire Ropes
Third Party Inspection Services-OIL & GAS & Renewable Energy Projects:
Field & Shop Inspection during Construction/Upgrade/Maintenance/Repair of facilities of Pipelines/Gas Stations/Refineries/Power Plants/Tank Farms/PPV Units/ Power Generators/Pressure Equipment/Wind Farms/Solar Plants
Notified Body (No.Bo) Services:
SWISS APPROVAL is a Notified Body (No.Bo 2221) providing No.Bo. services according to Pressure Equipment Directive, Simple Pressure Vessels, Lifts Certification Directive, Construction Products Regulation, Machinery Directive
Third Party Inspection in Construction Industry :
SWISS APPROVAL is authorized to execute Inspection of Industrial Production Processes & Complex Constructions. Independent QA/QC in Construction Industry, Reliability Assessment of Existing Structures, Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings
Personnel Certification:
SWISS APPROVAL is accredited according to EN ISO17024, for Certification of Welding Coordination Personnel, Welding Inspection Personnel, Welders
Management Systems Certification:
An accredited management system certification helps Customers to assure that they achieve maximum benefit and value. Swiss Approval has more than 1.000 certified customers, within a network that is continuously expanding.
Countries where we can support you
  • Globally
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Swiss Approval International, is an Accredited Inspection and Certification Company & Notified Body (No.Bo 2221) , member of SWISS APPROVAL GROUP.

The company, operates internationally already present in 16 Countries in 4 Continents, and principally active in South – East Europe, Middle East & North Africa, and US, since 1999, providing Inspection and Advanced Non-destructive Testing Services.

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Expertise in Advanced NDT and Inspection Services in Oil and Gas sector at Swiss Approval International