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3D Laser Scanning and As-Built Modelling Digital Twin

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Capture, model and manage as-built plant information

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November 25 2022

Applus+ RVIS offers 3D laser scanning and modeling services to produce a digital twin.The latest scanning technology is used to produce an intelligent 3D model according to clients’ requirements. We provide isometric 3D models and a database that is linked to a comprehensive asset integrity management system. The level of detail of the 3D model is set according to the clients’ main purpose whether it is construction or operation and maintenance. We deliver 3D as-builts (3D model and point cloud) and 2D as-builts fully integrated with industry-standard asset integrity management (AIM) and product life-cycle management (PLM) solutions.


3D laser-scan point clouds (colour point clouds with a high-dynamic range)
High-accuracy dimensional-control survey according to clients’ requirements
Multi-disciplinary, as-built 3D models in industry-standard software formats
Full integration of 3D as-builts (3D model and point cloud), 2D as-builts with industry-standard asset integrity management (AIM) and product life-cycle management (PLM) solutions
2D as-built piping and instrumentation diagrams and other electrical and instrumentation documentation
Limitations when use in rainy weather


Accuracy High-accuracy dimensional-control survey according to clients’ requirements.
Engineering Tools Support retrofitting of existing facilities during the engineering and design phases.
Safety Improve safety and extend asset life.

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About Applus RVIS

Applus RVIS provides remote visual inspection services for quality assurance and asset integrity management. We combine inspection expertise with remote technology, artificial intelligence, cameras and various sensors to make inspections safer. We focus on remote inspection solutions that are faster and cheaper than conventional methods. 

Our vision is to eliminate people working in dangerous environments by using remote technology and artificial intelligence. We believe that by improving safety and efficiency of inspections, our clients’ operations become safer and their facilities more profitable.   

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