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Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments

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December 1 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Consolidated Contractors Company designed and build its own CURA (Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments), an opensource project aimed at capacity building in intensive-care units (ICU). CURA aims to convert shipping containers into plug-in Intensive-Care Unit Pods for the COVID-19 pandemic. The units would be as fast to mount as a hospital tent, but as safe as an isolation ward, thanks to biocontainment and negative pressure. CCC CURA aims to support & improve the efficiency of existing solutions in the design of field hospitals, tailoring them to the current pandemic.


Each unit works autonomously and can be shipped anywhere
Individual pods could be used to create self-standing field hospitals of varying sizes
Hosted in a 20-foot inter-modal container with biocontainment
The units would be as fast to mount as a hospital tent
Some pods can be placed in proximity to a hospital (e.g. in parking lots) to expand the ICU capacity
Reduced application after COVID-19 pandemic


Areas of Application Patient isolation purposes (such as COVID).
Capacity Sizes and can be connected by an inflatable structure to create multiple modular configurations (from 4 beds to over 40).
Implementation time Can be deployed in just a few hours.
Repeatability Based on shipping containers, can be replicated.
Safety As safe as an isolation ward, thanks to biocontainment and negative pressure.

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