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Internal remote video inspection

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August 4 2023

Applus+ RVIS delivers Endoscopy or Internal remote visual inspection services of hard to reach and confined places. We provide smart solutions for internal visual inspection of pipes, boilers, cylinders, motors, reactors, heat exchangers, turbines, and other products with narrow, inaccessible cavities and/or channels. Our range of durable remote visual inspection solutions enable easier, more accurate data collection and analysis. We use the latest technology of videoprobes, endoscopes, crawlers and collision tolerant drones to provide faster and more accurate inspections. The tools that we use improve the probability of detection of corrosion, blockages, pitting and cracking so to help you make better decisions faster. Our smart solutions provide digital alternatives for file management, inspection reporting and remote connectivity.


Safe inspection without requiring confined space entry or disassembly
Accurate visual assessment in preparation for turn arounds
Asset protection and risk mitigation by reducing expensive downtime
Greater inspection coverage, inspection repeatability and data comparison
Fast and more accurate inspection
Powerful optical zoom and live video streaming
Only visual interpretation


Areas of Application Inspection of pressure vessels, 3/4" up to 72" piping, heat exchangers, tanks and boilers.
System Push, pan tilt and zoom cameras | Robotic crawlers | Drones | Borescopes.
Service Weld inspections | Corrosion evaluations | Cleaning validations.

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Applus RVIS provides remote visual inspection services for quality assurance and asset integrity management. We combine inspection expertise with remote technology, artificial intelligence, cameras and various sensors to make inspections safer. We focus on remote inspection solutions that are faster and cheaper than conventional methods. 

Our vision is to eliminate people working in dangerous environments by using remote technology and artificial intelligence. We believe that by improving safety and efficiency of inspections, our clients’ operations become safer and their facilities more profitable.   

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