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Helical Piles

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Engineered Deep Foundations Technology

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November 25 2022

Helical Piles are manufactured steel foundations that are rotated into the ground to support structures. Helical piles have been used in construction for over 200 years. This technology offers a versatile and efficient alternative to conventional deep foundations or anchors in a wide variety of applications.


Low mobilization costs
Minimal noise & vibrations
Year‐round, all‐weather installation
Helical piles can be removed and re‐used for temporary structures
Smaller shafts reduce effect of expansive soil heave & dampen seismic forces
Does not produce drill spoils
Ability to easily adapt pile through a changing geology
Installation torque can help to verify capacity
Cannot be utilized in varying shallow bedrock applications


Areas of Application Energy Applications, Industrial Applications, Marine Applications, Power Applications
Certifications / licences PEC, ISN Netword, TWIC, Avetta, DISA PE Licensed Engineering Staff
Impact Environmental | Re usable | Does not produce drill spoils | Cost | Low Mobilization Costs | Schedule Impact-0 Cure Time
Operating conditions Year Round-All Weather Installation
Range Capability to manufacture and install full range of product lines in multiples sizes and lenghts
Services Engineering Design | Manufacturing | Construction Services
Speed Turnkey capablities to design, engineer, and install foundation solutions to fit end user schedules
Technical Support Full Design Engineering & Support | Team | Project Management Team | Experienced Operations Team

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About TorcSill

We are a turnkey engineering, manufacturing and construction contractor providing comprehensive foundation solutions to a broad range of industries. Our engineered helical pile foundations provide a custom support and ground anchoring system proven to be effective in the most challenging conditions.

TorcSill Foundations is the premier global provider of engineered helical pile and anchor solutions to clients in a broad range of markets. Helical piles, also known as helical piers and screw piles, are a proven foundation solution ideal for energy, industrial and commercial applications.

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