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Helical Piling

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Advanced technology for deep foundations

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May 4 2023

Cyntech‘s high-capacity helical pile foundations have been used to permanently support aboveground structures for the energy and power industries. We took what was once viewed as a novel method of underpinning a home’s cracked foundation and, through extensive engineering, research, development, trial and error, advanced the technology to what it is today—a faster, lower-cost, more efficient high-capacity deep foundation technique that provides significant load resistance (greater than 1,000 kips or 4500 kN) with less impact to your jobsite and the environment.


Reduced construction time
No excavation or spoil removal
Installation unaffected by weather
Holding capacity verified during installation
No vibrations during installation
Ideal for areas of limited access or restricted workspace
Construction unaffected by high water table
Removable and reusable
Installs with common construction equipment
Lightweight, easy to handle and transport
Minimum laydown area required
Helical piles cannot be installed into shallow bedrock


Application conditions Helical piles are ideal where any deep foundation method is being considered where shallow bedrock is not present. Remote jobsites, areas with limited access, and sites with contaminated soils are also advantageous for the application of helical piles.
Areas of Application Pipe racks & bridges | Compressor Stations | Meter Stations | Pump Stations | Skid mounted buildings & equipment | Electrical transmission towers and substations | Sign Bridges | Solar modules | Wind Turbines
Capacity Ultimate capacities of more than 650 kips can be achieved, safely and economically. Torque is monitored during installation to ensure predictable pile capacity.
Flexibility Cyntech's high-capacity helical piles are custom designed to meet your project specifications
Installation Helical pile can be installed in minutes using standard equipment such as a pole line truck, excavator or backhoe. After installation, the load can be applied immediately - no additional work is required.

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About Cyntech

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of pipeline anchors and high-capacity helical piles since 1981, Cyntech has grown to become the industry leader in North America and the world. Cyntech’s professional engineers and experienced team will provide you with the partnership and expertise to bring your project to a successful completion.


+1 936 206 7810
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