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LMI 4 Pipelayer System

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Pipelayer safety and control system

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December 14 2022

To address the need for accurate load information in the pipeline industry, PLM teamed up with Cranesmart Systems to provide a wireless load monitoring indicator (LMI) system for pipelayers.  The LMI 4 Pipelayer System gives the operator accurate load information to include:

•  Load on the hook
•  Overhang
•  Machine slope
•  Capacity at that position
•  Warn of overload
•  Powerline Detection
•  Optional anti-2-block


Significantly reduce the potential for costly and dangerous overloading and tip-overs
Avoid over-stressing pipe welds
Simple and user-friendly display
Engineered specifically for pipelayers
Load charts programmed specific to each model pipelayer
System is standard on all new Cat pipelayers
Simple and user-friendly display
Anti-2-Block” is sold separately from the current LMI Factory configuration


Safety Avoid machine damage or injury caused by machine overload.
Accuracy Engineered specifically for pipelayer machines. Load charts programmed specific to each machine.
Connectivity Wireless load monitoring.
Compliance EC Declaration of Conformity.
Certifications / licenses IEC 61010-1:2010 (Third Edition) | ETSI EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1 (2017-03) | ETSI EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1 (2017-02) | EN 50581:2012.

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About Pipeline Machinery International

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) is a global Cat® dealer & Cranesmart Load Monitoring Indication (LMI) Global Distributor that supports the needs of mainline pipeline construction by providing equipment and solutions. Worldwide, customers have one-stop access to purpose-built pipelayers, traditional equipment outfitted for pipeline work, pipeline equipment knowledge and expertise for product support, and technology for safety and fleet management.

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