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Enterprise Management Tool for Pipeline

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November 25 2022

Orbital is a web-based application designed to enable smart decision-making for leading in the pipeline industry. This enterprise data management tool provides a window to manage your pipeline system through improved forecasting and real-time optimization.

Orbital offers a suite of modules for management from a single line to an entire project. Each module enables you to optimize a specific step in the pipeline process, from survey to integrity and assets.


Unparalleled project quality tracking and predictive analytics
Manage and report from all assets in an entire system from one central source
Bring field agent's live progress to you right now
Field agent’s updates on your environmental surveys and studies delivered and viewable in real time
No on-premise option


Reporting Make better decisions using the most up-to-date information on new and existing projects or assets.
Cost A centralized Platform allows you to break down data silos to save time and money for your company.
Monitoring Automatically get notified when certain information has been uploaded or changed to streamline communication for all parties involved.
Data Analysis Trace performance behaviours, patterns and workflow trends from the field, facility and office in near real time.

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About Blue Sky Evolution

Our core technologies have been designed to unify the many companies involved in building and maintaining pipelines and telecom projects around the world.  Construction, maintenance and operational activities involve multiple teams within multiple companies that must all collaborate, create and make important choices for the safety of our environment and communities.  Our goal is to provide a means to this end by equipping pipeline and telecom companies with the technology needed for clear communication, maintaining information integrity and responsible decision-making at every point of a project’s life.

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