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Designed for API 5L-X100 pipes

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February 22 2024

The Maats Bending machine (BM) has been designed with future pipe specifications in mind. Pipe bending machines typically have a long technical lifetime and therefore Maats designed its machines for API 5L-X100 with a 1” wall thickness in the largest loadable pipe size. This results in a machine that is able to bend virtually all current specifications with ease. The machines are available with frugal diesel engines but as full electric as well.

Pros & Limitations
Full electric machine available
Designed for future pipe specifications
Strongest machine in the market
Several unique safety features
Easy operation
Easy service and maintenance
The machines are slightly heavier because of the heavy duty construction
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
All standard pipe joints.
Servo controlled levers ensure a smooth bending process.
he standard safety lever disables the complete machine when the operator steps down from the platform. | The use of hydraulic hoses is minimized, especially near the operator. | A beacon indicates when the machine is in operation.
The machines are designed to bend X100 with a 1” wall thickness in the largest loadable pipe size. | High strength steel frames.
Where possible Maats uses Liebherr components with a proven track record. | Liebherr parts can be obtained anywhere in the world.
Uses high pressure, low volume hydraulics that requires smaller engines, with reduced fuel consumption.


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For nearly 40 years, Maats is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of pipeline construction equipment and services to the pipeline industry.

Maats supplies a wide variety of specialized construction machinery such as pipe layers, welding tractors, bending machines and related equipment for new pipeline construction as well as for pipeline maintenance and repair.

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