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Pipeline Anchoring System

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Advanced Technology for Pipeline Buoyancy Control and Stress Mitigation

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November 25 2022

For over three decades, Pipeline companies have enjoyed the technical and financial advantages of screw anchors for buoyancy control. Anchor sets are spaced along the pipeline to provide stability to the section that requires buoyancy control or stabilisation. Engineers and owners have started using them to provide additional stabilisation and deflection control in seismic areas and at overbends where large thermal stresses and strains are present.


Significant overall cost savings
Minimal storage space required
Drastically reduces ROW traffic
Significantly greater spacing
No extra pipe cover depth
Reduces man hours | safer installation
No special lowering-in procedures needed
Significant reduction in GHG Emissions
Standardized Parts and Accessories
Safety Factor ≥ 2.50 vs. 1.05 – 1.10
Cannot be installed through bedrock


Certifications / licences Cyntech's QA/QC ensures that our clients' highest standards are maintained through all stages of design and manufacturing
Cost Cost saving of up to 50% can be achieved over traditional pipeline buoyancy control methods while significantly reducing GHG gas emissions
Flexibility Cyntech's anchoring system is custom designed to meet your project specifications
Installation Cyntech can train your team to install our anchors or provide a technician to assist your team with the installation for the entirety of the project
Lifespan Our non-corrosive, polyester pipeline saddles provide unparalleled performance and longevity, regardless of the installation
Sizes From 254 - 1423 mm Pipe Sizes

Relative Business Impact

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About Cyntech

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of pipeline anchors and high-capacity helical piles since 1981, Cyntech has grown to become the industry leader in North America and the world. Cyntech’s professional engineers and experienced team will provide you with the partnership and expertise to bring your project to a successful completion.


+1 936 206 7810
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