Pipeline Bedding and Padding

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Material fragment sizing for energy projects bedding and padding of pipes and conduits

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April 11 2024

It boils down to efficiency. With the ALLU Transformer screening/crushing bucket, customers no longer need to bring both a wheel loader/excavator and a mobile crusher and/or haul materials from far away.

Instead, this is a bucket which screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials. And best of all it transforms the materials you with. So excavated material debris, becomes usable aggregate with the correct sizing for bedding and padding. This is the technology which quite literally transforms everything around it, It's more productive, and more profitable. Plus you can do it practically anywhere, this is an attachment which defines the word mobile. 

The ALLU Transformer converts your base machine into a mobile processing platform, you can take great comfort in your reduced investment and operating costs. 

By reducing the number of machines in the job-site customers will get the benefits of reduced carbon footprint and transportations costs, the overall reduction in fuel and energy costs and the fact that there is no need for electrics on site.

Pros & Limitations
Safe and guarded backfilling around the pipe or conduits.
Existing excavator turned into mobile padding machine
Saves double handling and transportation costs ( no need for trucks to drive back and forth)
Minimize operating costs through the use of one base machine (increases machine utilizations and reduces fleet size on job site)
Able to operate with wet and sticky materials
Easy access to difficult terrain
No need for virgin material ( re-use of excavated soil )
Carrier or excavator need to have the third hydraulic function already installed
Specification Title Specification Description
Carrier Sizes
Excavator 10-45 ton, Wheel Loader 4-30 ton
Hydraulic requirements
95-400 LPM
1- 5 mts3


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ALLU is a family owned company with its headquarters in Finland and six subsidiaries  worldwide.

ALLU has been in business for more than 30 years.

ALLU designs, manufactures and sells equipment by adding value to customers operations and increase customers' profitabilty.


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