Pneumatic internal line up clamp

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For quick and precise pipe ends alignment

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October 31 2023

The internal line up clamp is a device to fix the pipe ends of two pipes from the inside of the pipe before the pipe ends are welded, the high-low effect after aligning is usually less than 1~2mm.

Deping Technology offer a variety of pneumatic internal line up clamp, for example: internal clamp with copper shoes for GMAW welding, internal clamp with purge system (air dam) for TIG welding, internal clamp for pipe prefabrication, as well a laser and camera system for root welding inspection can be connected to the rear part of internal clamp. In addition, per control mode, pneumatic line up clamps can be categorized as full pneumatic type and pneumatic + electrical type.

Deping Technology developed multiple cylinders pneumatic internal line up clamps, it is specially for small pipe size welding, for example: 6in pipe, convention internal clamp could not generate high clamping force due to small cylinder area, in this case multiply cylinders can ensure strong support strength in whole process of welding.


Quick and precise alignment
Custom-made internal line up clamp
Good aligning effect without any gap
Pneumatic internal line up clamp with four rows of clamp shoes
It works for double joint process
Only for pipeline, not applicable for piping


Grade ability 15 degree
Imputing pressure 1.5Mpa
Working pressure 0.8Mpa
Walking speed 0~1m/s
Driving mode Non self-propelled type for less than 16 inch, Self-propelled type above 16 inch

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Established in Year 2005, as an ISO9001/IS014000/OHSAS18001 accredited company and high-tech enterprise, Luoyang Deping Technology Co., Ltd specialize in manufacturing pipeline construction equipment and providing automatic welding solution onshore & offshore. Our products comply with European Union safety regulations and have been supplied to more than 40 countries around the world

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