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Automated Bristle Blasting technology as alternative for traditional grit blasting

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January 30 2023

The cleantech Prepper Solutions of MontiPower like the Q4, or robotic Q10 enables coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constants and reliable roughness profile to the substrate. For the Prepper Q10, simply program the desired roughness (angularity, density, regularity) and the Prepper Q10 will deliver a regular peak height, density and regularity, to optimise your substrate surface, all without hazards, dust, or loose media. The Prepper Q10 can also be included in factory applied coating processes. The Prepper Q4 is cordless, and includes battery driven dust/particle vacuum systems. Within the range, Prepper is also available as aquahydraulic driven solutions.


No loose media, no clean-up work
No dust
No heavy equipment needed, such as, crane, generator, compressor
Easy to operate
Manual & fully automatic operation solutions
Low sound level <80 dB(A)
Extremely low Carbon Footprint
Excellent Rope access solutions
Durability of each brush is limited to approximately 3m²


Safe Operation The MONTI Prepper® units meet all requirements for safe operations. Sound levels are low and the operators are not exposed to loose media or particles causing injuries.
Efficiency The low sound level makes that additional work can be carried out in direct surrounding by other workers simultaneously.
OPEX The OPEX of conventional blasting cannot be compared to the Bristle Blasting method. Prepper Q4 belt: 1h–1 man–6 to 12 m² | Prepper Q10 belt: 1h–1 man–40 m² In accordance with ISO 8501-1 for Rustgrade B. It equals ISO 8501-1 for Sa 2½ blast cleaning.
Maintenance Prepper® is an important tool to combat corrosion and to prepare your assets for optimal coating performance without grit blasting. We provide you with the best surface preparation method for the best coatings to make your maintenance program a success.
Coatings The best coatings deserve the best surface preparation method. Our technology offers the most regular, angular and dense profile amplitude and cleanliness Sa 2½ in accordance with the ISO 8501-1 meeting your requirements for adhesion or bonding.
Blasting Media The method relies on its 23 mm belts, each of which strikes the surface 10.000 times á second without generating heat or burnishing the surface, generating the roughness profile in accordance with ISO 8501-1.
Repeatability The more belts in one row, the more long-lasting each belt is. The belts can be recycled in an easy manner from a cradle to cradle prospective.
Safety The absence of special protective equipment such as helmets and heavy protective clothing ensures optimal freedom of movement by the operator creating extra level of safety.

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About MontiPower Group

MontiPower Group, consisting of M. Test from Houston USA, Monti Werkzeuge GMBH, and MontiPower Americas LLC is a mid-sized firm that engineers, manufactures and distributes hand-held, semi-automatic and automated machine systems for surface preparation of various substrates for the  Marine, Automotive, Industrial, Pipeline, Bridge, Windmill Assets. Since 1987, the company develops innovative patented technologies. The CEO of Monti is, J.F. (Frits) Doddema. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the global industrial coating industry.

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