ROSEN Tank Bottom Inspection Service (TBIT Ultra)

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State-of-the-art automated feature detection and sizing in tank floors

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April 11 2024

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The storage of hydrocarbon or chemical liquids in above-ground storage tanks is an important element in the energy supply chain. A major concern for the integrity of a storage tank is the condition of the tank bottom. Whereby corrosion is one of the most common threats.

Through sensitive detection and diagnosis, our TBIT Ultra service is capable of accurately sizing the smallest metal loss defects, such as pinholes or microbiologically induced corrosion, helping to optimize your storage tank inspection program.


Pros & Limitations
Highest sensitivity (10% metal loss reporting threshold)
Automatic defect sizing (more reliable and more accurate than manual UT)
High coverage including annular plates and sketch plates
Fast reporting time with less out-of-service hours
Reduction of hours in confined spaces
Coating removal is not required (for coatings 0.24 inches / 6mm)
Suitable for use in restricted areas, under piping, heating coils, close to plate welds, close to shell and annular plates (up to .63 inches / 16mm)
EEMUA159 and API653 code compliant
Instant access to integrity relevant data and clear recommendations on mitigation and repair
Un-inspected areas (blind zones) need to be followed up separately (e.g. with blind zone scanner)
Specification Title Specification Description
Detection Threshold
0.1t Ø2mm [0.08”] x 0.2t
Sizing Accuracy Depth
Scan Speed
100 m2 /h or 328 ft2/h
Internal/External Discrimination
No. of Sensors
1029 (Hall + EC)
Plate Thickness
4-16mm [0.156”-0.625”]
Coating Thickness
Up to 6mm [ 0.236”] (automatic sizing) 6-10mm [0.236”-0.394”] (detection only)


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The ROSEN Group is a leading global provider of cutting-edge solutions for all areas of the integrity management process. Since its origins as a one-man business in 1981, ROSEN has grown rapidly and continues to do so. Today the business is still privately owned and employs a team of more than 3,000, operating in more than 120 countries. The four key areas of expertise include:

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