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Progress in efficiency and ergonomic operability

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April 11 2024

Efficiency, occupational safety, environmental protection and ergonomics are core key issues on construction sites. To make the removal of a wide variety of soil materials more efficient and less harmfull to people and the environment, MAX STREICHER has developed the vacuum crawler VC70. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from quickly uncovering tree roots, plants and underground pipes without damaging them, to cleaning industrial plants and sewage systems.

The remote-controlled vacuum crawler is ideal for vacuuming cohesive soils such as earth, sand, gravel and stones. Mud and water can also be easily vacuumed with the VC70. The vacuumed material can be easily emptied from the container on site, regardless of whether the vacuumed material is in liquid or solid form. Other advantages of the VC70 vacuum crawler are its compactness and maneuverability, combined with its high operative performance. Due to its low transport weight, the VC70 can be transported on a conventional 3.5t trailer. It can also be lifted by crane thanks to the practical attachment points.

It is manually operated by a wireless remote control, which can be used to continuously regulate the vacuuming power and switch between two speeds, depending on the operating terrain. This makes the vacuum crawler an ideal alternative to performing manual excavation work which is much less efficient in terms of results. When it comes to safety, the VC70 vacuum crawler impresses with its integrated tilt sensor among other things: Visual and audible warnings give the operator early warning of steep slopes. Its compact design even allows it to be used on sidewalks, avoiding the need for road closures. Additional equipment is available for enhanced functions, such as a compressed air lance for loosening the soil, a filling level sensor for the suction container and many other items.

Pros & Limitations
Extraction of a wide range of soil materials
Greater ergonomic operability for operators
Higher efficiency compared to manual excavation
Less impact on the environment
Transport on a conventional 3.5t trailer
No need for road closures
Control by radio remote control
Powerful compressor available as an option
Specification Title Specification Description
Gentle operation process for staff is ensured
Less impact on the natural environment
Areas of application
Vacuuming cohesive soils such as earth, sand, gravel and stones
CE certificated vacuum crawler
Integrated tilt sensor provides early warning of steep slopes


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