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Vacuum Lifting

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Global leader in vacuum pipe lifting technology

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November 25 2022

Vacuum lifting takes the concept of conventional lifting to the next level. Offering increased operational efficiency and elevated on-site safety using pioneering vacuum lifting technology. This reliable lifting method has transformed the pipeline industry. Enabling operators to lift loads independently, without the need for hooks, chains, clamps or slings, and is much more time- and cost efficient than conventional lifting methods. Our standard product range offers a selection of electric and diesel powered vacuum pipe lifters, slab lifters and plate lifters.

Our Custom Made Solutions Service provides the opportunity to work together to design and manufacture a reliable, effective heavy-duty lifting solution tailored to your operational requirements.


The lifter's powerful hydraulic rotator and suction pad can secure loads and maintain a fixed hold at all times
Ensuring staff are no longer required to climb up or under loads to secure or release them, allowing everyone to remain at a safe distance, greatly reducing the risk of injury
Our vacuum lifters are engineered for straightforward installation, operation and maintenance
The vacuum lifters are fully and safely operational in challenging weather conditions reducing the risk of delay and maximising both time- and cost efficiency
Each lifter can be installed to a variety of carriers in just minutes
Our interchangeable suction pads (product attachments) can be fitted to suit a diverse range of weights, diameters and loads including: pipes, plates and slabs
Our electric vacuum lifter series offer elevated performance without noise pollution and exhaust emissions
Reduced noise allows for clear and effective communication between on-site staff
Our vacuum lifters’ extensive safety features and expert engineering ensures that they are capable of maintaining full control and a fixed hold on loads at all times
A reasonably smooth load surface is required for optimal lifting


Areas of Application Lifting pipes during pipeline construction in ports, stockyards and along the right of way.
Capacity Standard lifters in stock with a lifting capacity up to 25 000 kg.
Safe Operating Extensive safety features guarantee that loss of load cannot occur at any time. | Staff no longer need to climb up or under loads.
Cost 8-12 times faster & more efficient than conventional lifting methods. | Reduced labour costs as load handling becomes a one-man-job.
Damage Protection Loads only have contact with protective, soft durable rubber seals and operator has full control of load due to leveling and rotating system.
Environment Electric lifter produces zero exhaust emissions for a healthier working environment. Reduced noise pollution enables clarity in communication and more comfortable working conditions for on-site staff.
Load Handling Each vacuum lifter ensures that the weight of lift materials is evenly spread over a greater surface, reducing point loading and subsequent load damage.

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About Vlentec

Vlentec's family history of innovation within the vacuum lifting industry began in 1983 and that same passion for pioneering is what continues to drive us today.

Our vision to change the heavy lifting industry by introducing the world to the power and possibilities of vacuum lifting engineering and technology is a lifelong pursuit for our family-owned business.

We are dedicated to providing you with the vacuum lifting solution you need and work together to elevate your load handling to the next level.

+31 591 394720
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