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Vacuum Lifting Systems

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The faster, safer, smarter way to handle pipe in the field

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November 25 2022

The global leader in innovative lifting solutions, Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Systems can handle up to 10 times more material than conventional lifting methods—in half the man hours—making it possible to complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget. All heavy-duty Vacuworx systems feature wireless remote operation and 360° rotation, offering a safer alternative to traditional rigging while keeping personnel out of harm's way. Standard lift capacities available up to 25 tonne. Custom vacuum lifting solutions available upon request.


Replaces unsafe and time-consuming lifting mechanisms such as hooks, slings or chains
Allows faster load and unload cycles with less downtime than conventional methods
Eliminates the need for workers to climb on trailers to attach slings or chains and requires fewer ground personnel
Lifts material without displacing adjacent pieces
Creates a powerful positive engagement of the load (hooks, slings and chains can shift or come loose, endangering employees)
Reduces the need for costly cribbing or spacers for pipe or plate
Will not damage delicate materials and bonded coatings
Indicates unsafe lifting environments with visual and audio alarms
State-of-the-industry online training program offers operation, installation and maintenance instruction
Material being lifted must be non-porous and reasonably smooth


Areas of Application Handling pipe during transportation (ports, rail, trailers), storage and construction along the right of way.
Capacity Standard lifting capacities available up to 25 tonne, custom lifting solutions available.
Installation Simple installation on a wide variety of host equipment including excavators, cranes, wheel loaders and reach stackers.
Safety Reduces the risk of accidents by keeping personnel off stacks, out of trenches and away from the load.
Safe operating Vacuum seal holds until operator activates the release, even in the event of a power failure.
Cost ROI is often realized in 6 months or less through reduced labor costs, bonus awards and the ability to take on more projects.
Engineering rating/qualification Vacuworx designs, manufactures, tests and rates its vacuum lifting systems to meet or exceed global safety and engineering standards including ASME B30.20, AS4991 and EN13155.
Modular design A wide variety of easily interchangeable pipe, flat and specialty pads are available to lift different materials with the same vacuum lifter.
Protection Vacuworx Tough Seal™ protects pipe with no metal contact, will not damage delicate materials or bonded coatings.
Services Parts, service and technical support available 24/7/365 for installation, training, repairs and troubleshooting.

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About Vacuworx

Vacuworx is the global leader in innovative vacuum and hydraulic lifting solutions. With standard lifting capacities of 1,700 to 55,000 lb (0.8 to 25 tonne), Vacuworx lifting systems handle virtually all sizes of pipe, plate, slab and precast with speed and precision, while keeping personnel out of harm’s way. Vacuworx maintains a full inventory of lifters and pads for rental and purchase with customer service and technical support available 24/7/365. Lift faster, safer and smarter with Vacuworx.

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